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Dıscover 30 charmıng small holıdaƴ house ıdeas that wıll ınspıre ƴou to enjoƴ the sımple lıfe

Small houses have become a popular choice for travellers who want to explore the environment but keep their footprint small. As the trend picks up momentum more tiny houses are popping up on properties from the country to the coast and they pack plenty of character into their small frames.

Hale Douglas - QLD

Tiny House on Wheels, VIC

Byron St Bliss, VIC

Mini House is a functional prefabricated modular home that comes delivered flat-packed and can be constructed on-site in just two days (image: Andy Liffner)

The design includes an insulating polystyrene core which is cladded with plywood or plastic laminate (image: Lars Petter Pettersen)

The Olive Grove, VIC


Kiwi Chalet, NZ

Studio Seventy Four, NZ

Elegant Container Home, USA

The Peacock, USA

A log home topped with a modern black upper floor.

Tallarook Tiny Home, NSW

Charming Tiny House, USA

Tiny River House, USA

As its name suggests, the Fibonacci House, by Twente Additive Manufacturing, was inspired by the Fibonacci number sequence

Elsewhere Cabin Retreat, USA

The Ursa measures a total length of 7 m (23 ft)

Tiny House With Hot Tub - UK

Aroma(n)tica Treehouse, ITL

In2theWild tiny home | 10 of the best tiny holiday houses

Miguel, NSW

Arabella CABN, NSW

The Tiny Abode, NSW

Noosa Sanctuary Cabin - QLD

The Cherry Picker Tiny House's glazing was carefully positioned to frame the view

Credıt: Pınterest

Source:Homes ideas

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