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Dog Repeatedly Escapes Shelter To Comfort Residents In A Nursing Home

He started sneaking out in the middle of the night only to find his way in a nursing home right across the street.

Scout’s story is possibly the most heartwarming you’ll read today!

Instead of waiting to be adopted into a new home, like many shelter dogs, this canine decided to choose one for himself – and he did so in style!

Scout found that being a full-time resident of the Antrim County Animal Shelter in Bellaire, Michigan, was insufficient, so he decided to do something about it!

He began sneaking out in the middle of the night, only to end up in a nursing home right across the street.

The most intriguing thing was that Scout didn’t do this just once or twice. After being returned to the shelter, he sneaked inside his nursing home multiple times, as if frantically trying to say, “This is my home, hoomans.” Don’t ever take me back!”

Making his way into the Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility in Bellaire, Michigan, despite the fact that it was right across the street, was no easy task!

Scout had to cross a motorway and then sneak through the automatic doors to get there after scaling various fences.

The strange thing was, he’d always sneak into the facility late at night and pass out on a comfortable leather couch in the lobby right after passing through the door.

The nursing home staff initially made sure Scout returned to the shelter, but after he continued to sneak out and then sneak back in, they realised there was something about their facility that kept Scout peaceful and happy!

And then they decided to make him a permanent resident!

“When Scout continued to show up here, we thought maybe it was meant to be,” MBMCF’s Jennifer Martinek says.

“We’ve accepted him as a member of our family.” Here is where he belongs. “He chose us,” says clinical care coordinator Stephanie Elsey.

Scout was initially welcomed as one of their nursing home’s residents, but he turned out to be so much more! He practically transformed into the most compassionate, insightful carer in the facility, and everyone fell in love with him in no time!

“If you’re upset about something, or everything’s going wrong, he makes you feel better,” one of the MBMCF residents says. Scout is really happy to be here.”

The most touching thing about Scout is that he has a soft spot in his heart for residents suffering from terminal illnesses and dementia. It’s as if he can feel that those people require special attention, so he simply approaches them and consoles them.

“We can’t imagine life without him!” “He completes our Meadow Brook family,” the MBMCF team said on Facebook.

Nobody knows what makes Scout so compassionate or why he has such a soft spot for the elderly. The only thing we know about his past is that he grew up in an abusive household.

But one thing is certain: Scout is a carer at heart, and he belongs with his new family!

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