Dog Rescues Newborn Baby Abandoned In A Plastic Bag

Dog Rescues Newborn Baby Abandoned In A Plastic Bag

A newborn baby boy who was abandoned inside a plastic bag on a cold night in Argentina is alive and safe today — all thanks to the actions of this sweet, attentive dog named Orejón.

Headlines across the country are now hailing him as a hero.

Orejón is a familiar face on the street in the city of Vincent Lopez, where he lives with his owner, Enzo Giménez. So, when a neighbor running an errand on Tuesday evening saw Orejón out and about on the block, it normally wouldn’t have been cause for alarm — but this time, the little pup was making it clear there was a problem.

“When I returned, I saw Orejón was a little disturbed,” the neighbor told Clarín, adding: “He was smelling and barking at a bag. I approached and saw that there was something strange.”

The neighbor soon realized why Orejón was so concerned. Inside the bag was a sleeping infant who had apparently been left there intentionally. It was a cold night, so the baby might have perished from exposure had the dog not found him and alerted the person passing by.

Indeed, Orejón likely saved the baby’s life.

After authorities were called to assist, the baby, thought to be just a few weeks old, was taken to a local hospital. Although he was initially found to be malnourished and suffering from hypothermia, the child is now reportedly in good health.

Police investigating the case have yet to determine who abandoned the baby. Since the news broke of how Orejón saved him, adoption offers for the newborn have been pouring in.

Orejón, meanwhile, is being lavished with plenty of well-deserved praise.

Some local outlets have even termed him a “guardian angel” — but this isn’t the first time the dog has proved himself to be a hero. Orejón’s owner, Giménez, told Clarín that just two months earlier, the dog had rescued his neighbors by alerting them that their house had caught on fire.

“Thanks to him, they woke up and were saved,” he said.

While the fact that this baby was abandoned at all is heartbreaking on its own, thanks to the actions of Orejón, an even worse tragedy was prevented.

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