People Are In Love With This Rescue Dog That Looks Like Baby Yoda

People Are In Love With This Rescue Dog That Looks Like Baby Yoda

Most people love cute animals. It’s an unwritten internet law that no one ever questions—especially when presented with the cutest cat memes and puppy pics!

Many people are also big fans of the Star Wars franchise. Even those who have never seen the movies are aware of one meme that took the internet by storm just a few years back and has stayed popular ever since. That’s right, you guessed it, it’s no other than Baby Yoda, yep!

What if we told you that we found someone who can tick both boxes? Combine a cute cuddly puppy and Star Wars… and you get Dixie! Here’s a doggy that people can’t help but compare to Baby Yoda. Why, you might be thinking? While it’s not the pea-green, black-eyed creature Mandalorian fans have come to love, Dixie’s real highlight is the proportion of her ears. It’s all thanks to those fluffy ears that are way too big for her head that had people pointing out the similarities! All we can say, without a doubt, is that those are right on!

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