Pit Bull Comforts Sick Little Boy

Pit Bull Comforts Sick Little Boy

Riddick was rescued in 2015 by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC after being thrown out of a moving car. After he was given some time to heal, he was put up for adoption, and it wasn’t long before Bryan Junior and his wife came across his picture on Facebook and fell in love. They adopted him in August of that year, and he immediately became an incredibly important member of their little family.

About a year after Riddick was adopted, his parents had a baby boy, and from the moment Dawson arrived home, Riddick and the family’s other pit bull, Cambria, were absolutely obsessed with him.

“We would call them the paw patrol,” Junior told The Dodo. “If the baby cried, the two of them would come running inside to check on him. Every time he woke up from a nap we would say, ‘Baby Dawson is awake,’ and they would run in. They sit with us every night to this day when we read him a bedtime story, Cambria usually on my lap and Riddick on the floor. Dawson kisses them both good night and we put him to bed.”

Dawson is just as obsessed with his pit bull siblings, and loves to climb all over them, cuddle with them and help to feed them every chance he gets.

Recently, Dawson came down with the flu; it was the first time he had ever been really sick. He was running a fever and generally felt miserable, and wanted absolutely nothing to do with anyone or anything — except for Riddick.

“He crawled up onto the ottoman with Riddick and was just holding him,” Junior said. “You could tell Riddick knew he wasn’t feeling well and laid with him. He [Dawson] tossed and turned a bit and about 30 minutes later passed out cold for over an hour. Riddick never moved.”

Riddick was the only one Dawson wanted to comfort him while he was grumpy and flu-ridden, and, of course, Riddick was happy to oblige. No matter what Dawson needs, Riddick is always there, and their parents love watching how sweet and protective Riddick is with his little brother.

“Riddick is the most well-tempered, chill dog you could ask for,” Junior said. “He’s just gentle, loving and tolerant of anything. Everyone loves Riddick. He’s just the pup you always wish for.”

A few days later, Dawson was feeling so much better and completely back to normal, running around outside and inside with his two favorite dogs. Even when he’s healthy and happy, though, Riddick will always be there for him, watching over him and loving him as only a dog brother can.

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