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Rare forest orchids

Rare wild orchids are flowers that are loved for their uniqueness and rarity. Rare species of wild orchids are commonly found in tropical primary forests around the world, with their distinctive shapes and colors.

One of the rarer species known is the Queen of the Andes orchid, also known as Puya raimondii. This is the largest orchid in the world, can reach 10-15 meters. It has blue flowers and is considered one of the symbols of Peru.

Another species of orchid is Coelogyne cristata, also known as the sawtooth orchid or the wishbone. This is a rare species of wild orchid found in Southeast Asia, with white flowers and a strong fragrance.

Coelogyne cristata is one of the most popular and widely grown orchids in orchid gardens around the world.Vanda coerulea orchid, also known as Blue Vanda, is a rare wild orchid found in India and Southeast Asia. It has blue flowers and is a symbol of purity and elegance.

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