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They prefer to sell everything before abandoning their dog when they move to Switzerland, they rented her a small plane

When a small dog joins our lives, it rapidly becomes an indispensable member of our family. Unfortunately, they still do not have certain important rights, such as the freedom to travel by plane.

In truth, just a few airlines allow your pet to travel with your family, while the others force the dog to remain alone in the hold for the duration of the trip.

However, if our pet is ill, the situation becomes more problematic because he cannot be left alone for the duration of the travel. This was a major inconvenience for Bastian Reiser and Rebecca Seeberg, who were forced to sell everything and rent a private plane so their dog could fly over Switzerland.

Blanca is a sad dog suffering from laryngeal paralysis. When she and her family had to travel to Switzerland, they found numerous obstacles.

Blanca needed to relocate from Spain to Switzerland, so they contacted different airlines to find a solution. Due to his illness, the dog could not remain in the hold without the care of his loved ones. Unfortunately, no corporation wanted to go against them, so they were forced to find another solution.

So they decided to take the ferry to the peninsula and then drive to Switzerland, but the issues didn’t stop there. In fact, he was later advised that he couldn’t carry Blanca through the streets of France since she didn’t have a pedigree and was considered a dangerous breed. His loved ones attempted to contact some animal organisations, but the responses were unsatisfactory, as they stated that many times, while crossing through France with inappropriate pets, they were withdrawn by their relatives.

A story with a happy ending

Because they couldn’t leave Blanca on the street, the two didn’t give up. They decided to raise finances by selling all they owned and enlisting the assistance of their separate families in order to rent a private plane and allow the dog to arrive in Switzerland.

Blanca has already arrived in her new home and can remain with her loved ones for the rest of her life thanks to the perseverance of her family, proud to have two parents who love her more than anything else.

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