Turkey deploys more M60T Sabra tanks to Syria

According to available photo and video evidence, Turkey’s military has begun deploying more M60T Sabra tanks and other armored vehicles near Al-Bab in northern Syria.

The new batch of M60T Sabra tanks with desert camo was spotted in northern Syria. Turkey deploying new troops to make up for losses in the heavy fighting near the northern Syrian city of al-Bab.

Earlier Islamic State (IS) have destroyed and captured a number of tanks from Turkish forces after fighting near the northern Syrian city of al-Bab. The Islamic Stat reportedly destroyed Turkish Sabra tanks, German-made Leopard-2 tanks near Al-Bab in Syria.

The Sabra is an extensively upgraded M60 Patton tank developed by Israel Military Industries. MkII version of this upgrade package was used in one of Turkish Army’s modernization programs.

The first Sabra Mk.II was delivered for Turkish trials in 2005, and it passed qualifications in May, 2006. 170 were upgraded between 2007 and April, 2009. The upgrades were undertaken by the Turkish Army’s 2nd Main Maintenance Center Command, with the upgrade kits supplied by IMI.


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